SLEEPERBAGS.COM | CUSTOM MADE IN ITALY DUSTBAGS FOR HANDBAGS AND FASHION GOODS is your one-stop source for custom, Made in Italy sleeperbags  dustbags for leather goods, handbags, shoes, wallets, purses, belts, watches, jewellery.


  is your one-stop source for custom, Made in Italy sleeperbags  dustbags for leather goods, handbags, shoes, wallets, purses, belts, watches, jewellery.

Your custom dustbags / sleeper bags will be made in Italy by the same manufacturer as Gucci and other famous fashion brands. We offer dustbags in flannel cotton, cotton twill, cotton muslin, satin, canvas.  All fine Italian fabrics and workmanship!  Low minimums, fast turnaround.
Your logo will be printed on the dustbags.  Dustbags are available in standard sizes or custom sizes, you decide.
A quality dustbag is not only a very important detail but a component of your fine products.  Customers expect one to begin with, and of a quality level same as your fine products.  Even more importantly if you are a catalog or Internet retailer, the dustbag is often the first thing your customer will see when opening the package.  Therefore the first impression must be one of quality and luxury. Also, your logo being on the dustbag will be memorized more easily.  Lastly you will get free advertising when your quality dustbag is  carried around (in the case of shopping tote type of dustbags).  Even a dustbag which does not leave the home, if it is a quality item,  will be reused for years and the logo on it will become unforgettable to that household.
We manufacture any type of dustbag / sleeperbag.  Classic drawstring-type, with handles, dustbag with flap closure, round bottom dustbag, any custom design.  See our product page for details.
So, let us know which dustbags you like, how you like them and we'll make them for  you just like that! 
Note: by placing an order you confirm to be the legal owner or licensee of the logo that you want to be printed.  Items in the picture are just an example of assorted sleeper bags, any trademarks in the photo are the property of their owners.
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