TYPES fine Made in Italy packaging for fashion. Types of sleeperbags / dustbags

Custom Made in Italy Sleeperbags dustbags, round bottom dustbag provides custom Made in Italy sleeperbags - dustbags for all fashion goods. Typically there are three types of sleeper bags - dustbags:               

a) Sac with drawstrings; this shape is manufactured in all sizes to fit from small objects like watches and wallets to large sizes for handbags and luggage items.       This type of sleeperbag / dustbag is the standard.

b) Shopping bag type, which is a sac that has handles so it can also be reused as a utility bag. It has the advantage that your logo will be seen around! Note that the shopping bag type is normally made with non-woven material or cotton twill / canvas, as other materials are not suitable because of strenght and shape reasons.                                                                                                          

c) Custom designed sleeper bags - dustbags; these are made according to your design or sample and can sometimes be complicated affairs, with zippers, buckles, pockets.  Your imagination is the limit! (The image at left is just an example of a custom dustbag.  It has a round bottom and is made with dual colour satin material so the interior and the exterior of the dustbag are of different colours).

 MATERIALS fine Made in Italy satin dustbags sleeperbags for fashion

Flannel cotton

Flannel cotton is the most used material to make sleeper bags for luxury fashion goods.  In fact, the soft flannel protects precious leather and other fashion goods, has a soft touch, a warm feeling and is automatically associated with quality and luxury.

Our flannel fabric is 100% cotton and Made in Italy.  It is typically flannelled on both sides.  If your products are prone to catching lint (such as apparel, canvas handbags etc.) we can use a single-sided flannel so that the inside of the sleeper bag - dustbag will be smooth and your products will not catch lint. In the picture at left you can see an example of a dustbag made with cotton flannel material. fine Made in Italy  dustbags sleeperbags for handbags, shoes and fashion

Drill Cotton

Drill cotton has a characteristic diagonal weave and is a lint-free, medium weight fabric. It is a luxurious material for dustbags - sleeperbags as it gives the look and feel of a tailored fashion piece by itself! Drill cotton is also the more expensive material used to manufacture dustbags - sleeper bags.  It is available also organic, usually in natural colour.  Our drill cotton fabric is 100% cotton and Made in Italy. In the picture at left you can see an example of the dustbags which we made with drill cotton material for Christie's auction house.

Twill Cotton

Twill cotton has a light weave, is a lint-free, light to medium weight fabric. It is a premium material for dustbags - sleeperbags, luxurious and fine yet casual . Cotton twill has a slightly lower price than drill cotton.   Our cotton twill fabric is 100% cotton and Made in Italy. In the picture at left you can see an example of the dustbags which we made with twill cotton. fine Made in Italy satin dustbags sleeperbags for fashion



Our fine Italian satin is ideal to make dustbags / sleeper bags for a variety of luxury products, from ladies handbags to watches, jewellery, dustbags for swimwear or lingerie.  Satin is lightweight, luxurious to see and touch, difficult to wrinkle and prints greatly. Satin is also lint-free. Our satin fabric is 100% Made in Italy. In the picture at left you can see an example of a dustbag made with satin material.

New! Panamino canvas - natural colour or custom Pantone dyed!

Panamino canvas has a very attractive weaving pattern, a heavy and strong fabric, suitable to make dustbags / sleeperbags also for heavy items like luggage. See the fabric pattern in detail by clicking on the image at left.  Panamino is available in natural colour (off-white) as well as in any Pantone colour.  In fact we will dye the fabric to your Pantone colour specifications with a minimum of just 300 linear meters of fabric. manufactures top quality non-woven fabric sleeperbags / dustbags for fashion. Made in Italy


Non-woven fabric

Non woven fabrics, also called TNT, F22 (finezza 22) are a great option when costs have to be kept in check. Non woven fabric is the least expensive material for dustbags / sleeperbags, it is also durable and strong enough to be used to make shopper-type dustbags. The only drawback of non-woven materials is that it is usually associated with medium range fashion products. Our non-woven fabrics are  Made in Italy. In the picture at left you can see an example of a dustbag made with non-woven material.  Colours: black, white, grey, blue, burgundy, brown.


NEW!  "Space" Non-woven fabric

This special pattern non woven fabric material is very attractive and "space-age" due to its tparticular textured surface (click image to the left to visualize).  Limited availability.  Available in black or white.

special materials special

Velvet is a very luxurious material, thick and sturdy, heavy.  The most expensive material among our selection, it is typically emplo


Velvet is a very luxurious material, thick and sturdy, heavy.  The most expensive material among our selection, it is typically employed for small dustbags such as jewellery dustbags or for other small items, luxurious ladies shoes. Our velvet floc materials are made of cotton, viscose and acrylic blend. In the picture at left you can see an example of a dustbag made with velvet material.

Special Materials

Throughout the years we have made dustbags / sleeperbags also with special materials such as suede, leather, genuine silk, alcantara, cachemere and other special fabrics.  Normally the customer provides the material in these cases, however we can also source it locally.  In fact we operate in a leather and textile district which serves the top fashion brands. (In the image at left is an example of a suede dustbags made for precious travel slippers).

COLOURS fine Made in Italy custom dustbags / sleeper bags for fashion. Colour chart

Flannel colours

Twill colours

Drill colours custom Made in Italy dustbags sleeperbags for handbags, wallets, shoes.

Satin colours custom Made in Italy dustbags sleeperbags for handbags and fashion

Velvet colours

When it comes to colours, consider that over 50% of sleeperbags /dustbags sold with fashion goods are white, cream or black.  All other colours combined make up  less than 50 % of orders. If you have a good reason to use particular material colours (such as a strong colour-based brand identity) then use specific colours; otherwise consider the traditional black, white, cream, hunter green, navy blue and other classic colours which are proven sellers. Materials in classic colours are also more easily found in stock, therefore the leadtime for your order will be faster. To order specific material colours we ask you to provide a Pantone colour code.  Minimum order for custom colours is 1,000 meters of material (roughly 3-4,000 medium sized dustbags / sleeper bags).  In the pictures at left you can see classic material colours for dustbags / sleeper bags.

A wide selection of colours is readily available for satins and velvets.  For cotton flannel, cotton twill, cotton drill, the usually in stock selection is more limited and reflects the colours typically used by the top brand names.

Cotton Twill colours:

Normally available are: white, natural, black, dark brown.

Drill Cotton colours:

Normally available are: white, natural, black, navy blue, medium grey.

LOGOS       custom Made in Italy dustbags sleeperbags for handbags and fashionPrinted logo Custom Made in Italy dustbags for fashion, handdbags.  Embroidered logo.

Embroidered logo

Your logo will be typically printed on one side of the dustbag / sleeperbag by silk screen printing.  In most cases the logo is printed in a single solid colour but 2, 3, 4 colours are also possible. The print is however in solid colours, line art.  That is shades and gradients cannot be printed. Any Pantone colour plus gold or silver can be used for printing your logo on the dustbags / sleeper bags. You can upload your logo in our estimate form.  Please make sure that the logo is in a graphics format such as EPS, AI, PSD, JPG, PDF and of a high enough resolution to print clearly filling an A4 sheet of paper when it is printed on a regular office printer.  For your success, we recommend to print the logo large, centered and in a contrasting colour to the material, so it can be read very well. Note: by placing an order you confirm to be the legal owner or licensee of the logo that you want to be printed.

Your logo can also be embroidered.  The additional cost of embroidery can be considerable, however.  We recommend embroidery for truly luxurious packaging, high value content.   The cost of embroidery varies upon size and number of colours to be used in the embroidery.

SIZES manufactures fine Italian dustbags and sleeperbags for fashion.  Size chart Here at we can manufacture your sleeperbags / dustbags in any size. If your products size range is small, we recommend to use a "one-size-fits-all" approach, that way you can keep things simpler and limit costs.  Whereas if your products range dramatically in size you will have to make your dustbags /sleeper bags in more than one size.  We see however that in most cases a brand can get away with 3 sizes. Also try to determine a logo size that can be printed on all dustbags sizes.  In fact, to print your logo larger or smaller,  additional silk screens will have to be made for each printe size, which have a one-time cost of appx Euro 175 each. For your convenience, in our estimate form  we offer 20 preset sizes which are proven over the years to work best for certain fashion products.  You can also specify your custom size, there is no additional cost.  If you are not sure about size, before placing the order, by all means test with a mockup dustbag to make sure that your product will fit in the size that you will order!  A rough formula for calculating the required size of dustbags / sleeper bag is the following: given that a, b and c are respectively the lenght, height and depth of your product (say a handbag for example) then the dustbag width required will be = a+b; while the dustbag height will be = b+c+5cm.  But again, do test with a mockup before placing your order! About measurements, please note that because of the stretch of different fabric materials and because our products are hand stitched, our products have a dimensional tolerance of +/-  5 millimeters.  Please take this into account if you have strict dimensional constraints. 
CUSTOM can manufacture your dustbag / sleeper bag completely according to your custom specifications.  This includes custom design, custom materials, custom colours, custom hardware.  Note that because of the constraints posed by the minimum orders required by our suppliers for custom materials and components, completely customized dustbags are typically made when projected quantities are in the order of 2,000 pieces or more. Please contact us  with details about your particular project and we will get back to you with preliminary feedback and cost estimates.
Items in the pictures are just an example of assorted sleeper bags, any trademarks in the photos are the property of their owners.
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